Paeton Cameron – Finding Home

For local singer-songwriter Paeton Cameron, a location that’s referenced in a song can be so much more than that. For him, a locale is used as a vessel to express a certain situation or idea.

“A large part of my song writing comes from tapping into locale,” he says. “I have a deep admiration for the Canadian landscape and all of these places that come up have some kind of structural time or an experience that I’m trying to convey. But some of the songs are completely derivative of popping in the car with a couple buds with 20 bucks and a couple guitars y’know?”

Earlier this year Cameron released a four song EP that really dived into the realm of acoustic folk music. Songs like “False Creek” and “Home” feature beautiful 12 string acoustic melodies and a touch of slide guitar.

“I think six string is fantastic for presenting a line or emboldening an idea, but there is an etherealness to the 12 string that is easier for me to tap into,” he says. The EP also features backup vocals from brother and sister James and Dominique Adams, adding another layer to the calming tracks.

For his show at Bo’s on April 25, Cameron has rustled up a 10 piece band featuring some of the best talent in Red Deer. There will even be a three piece horn section.

“It’s kind of been crazy trying to coordinate a 10 piece band, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world,” he laughs.
“Some earlier tracks will make their way in the set as well as brand new tracks that I’m trying to shine a light on.

I’m basically just flying by the seat of my pants with this project and it’s been really crucial to the creative process in developing a real confidence with this material,” he says.

Currently, Cameron is in what he calls the “writing heatwave” while prepping for his debut album release. While the EP was mostly acoustic, he is very open to exploring different genres and sounds. Stay tuned for some roots-based soul/reggae.

“I want to be as eclectic as possible while still maintaining my roots representation,” he says. “There isn’t much that really strikes me as a new sound anymore, so I want to tie all of these things into my sound so people can be like ‘Oh yeah, I know that guy.’”

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