One Bad Son – In the Name of Rock n Roll

If you’re a fan of legendary rock bands with a tasteful modern touch, you’ve heard of One Bad Son. The four piece band, hailing from Saskatoon, consists of Shane Volk’s vocals, Kurt Dahl on drums, Adam Hicks playing guitar and Steve Adams on bass. I recently had the privilege of chatting with Kurt about the challenges and rewards of being a father of two, entertainment lawyer, board member of Saskmusic and the drummer for One Bad Son. If you think that sounds like a hefty workload, it is. Although the pressure is high, Kurt does not take it on as a burden. Instead, he describes his path as following his passions. The only downside is missing time with his wife and two young kids.

Drummer/Lawyer Kurt Dahl won’t quit his night job!

The band got an unexpected start in 2004 while Dahl was serving tables to get through university. He laughs as he recalls having to sing happy birthday to customers. One night, Shane Volks was at the restaurant on a date. After joking about Dahl’s vocal talents, OBS was already in the works. Soon, Volks, Hicks and Dahl were roommates jamming on a whim in their basement. “Being in a band is a lot like a relationship, it was not love at first sight but there was definitely a strange brew happening.” recalled Dahl. Over a decade later with five albums and an EP under their belt, OBS isn’t slowing down. The band has gone on to open for some classic stadium rock bands like Godsmack, Default, Def Leppard and Judas Priest, to name a few. It’s obvious they have gained recognition for their undying energy and talent. Starting out, their first two albums bode more of a gritty vibe compared to their later releases. In October 2017 we heard Made in the Name of Rock n Roll, their latest rock anthem kicks down the door and gets your feet off the ground. Even though the members of OBS don’t all live in Saskatoon anymore, they still find time to collaborate and continue working on new music. There’s always new music in the works as the band has their sights set on doing a proper world tour in the future.

Although it’s taken the group a few years to gain significant traction, these four have broken down the often common stereotypes of the lifestyles of a rock and roll band. Using their platform to raise money and awareness for women’s shelters, animal shelters, enstilling you can be in a rock band and still be a good role model. Embracing the good guy Canadian persona, OBS often mentor artists getting their start and act as role models for their fans.

Trading the warmth south of the border for snow, the band recently returned from their recent U.S tour. They were humbled to play alongside talents such as Sebastian Bach and Monte Pittman. It was a unique and eye opening experience for the band, they were elated over the number of new fans and friends they made. Since their arrival back into home territory, they have a short break to enjoy the company of family and friends, before embarking on their 13th Annual Alberta wide “One Bad Santa” tour finishing in their hometown in Saskatoon. You can catch them at Bo’s Bar & Grill on Thursday, December 13th with local support, The Rumours (Blackfalds) and Sweet Grass (Red Deer).

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