Young Howler – Gonna Funk You Up

Young Howler is 5-piece funk outfit with deep roots out of Red Deer College’s music program. (May we all be grateful that talent and diverse interests and voices have been attracted to our community.) They are a perfect example of the value that the program has had upon the city. Young Howler gathers and blends the diverse interests of skilled musicians into a funk, soul, hip-hop, singer/songwriter hybrid. You may catch each genre within a single song, showing up when the moment calls for it, each musician having the chops to keep up and the sense to shake it up again when the next moment comes along.

The live interaction between the band and their audience has added focus to the stylistic detours. They’ve found themselves shying away from the headier style and leaning into their soul and r&b influences, simply noting that both they and the audience have more fun when they’re dancing instead of thinking.


Young Howler releases their first single, “Home,” on July 13th, stream it on the internet! The single has received local radio play on 106.7 THE DRIVE and will be featured on a 5 song EP to be released this fall. The band beams as they talk about capturing their live progression on these latest recordings while still showing off all sides of their stylistic diversity. Can’t wait until this fall to get dancing? Catch Young Howler live July 26th at Bo’s Bar and Grill, along with Apollo Suns and YOUNG BLOOD, or July 28th at The Homeplace Summer Festival!

Written by Tyler Walline

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