L’Omelette – Genre Fluidity

Judging by “Imagination,” the lead single from upcoming E.P., Cigarette Party, the minds behind L’Omelette are wild and willing to wander. Entirely self-produced, the track is a funky, jazzy, cabaret ode to an ambiguous desire, alluring because of its unimaginable possibility. Saxophones immediately punch out and dance away, like laughing off an intrusive thought. Then singer and saxophonist, Megs Benedict, starts a stream of wordplay and innuendo, excitedly probing the mind with thoughts of new flesh to bite into. As uncomfortable pinned to a label as their subject, L’Omelette slides fluidly through genre together, landing in a hazy ska daydream, watching thoughts pass and interact.

Megs’ breathless desperation comes out crossing the bridge, reaching out for some acknowledgement and understanding. Eventually you have to wonder if all the wondering’s worth anything. Coolly, she walks back the outburst into her own fantastic, ecstatic groove that only seems fit to be called the song’s climax.

It’s hard to paint a picture of a song with words, so don’t rely on your imagination, come check out L’Omelette at The Velvet Olive on FRIDAY JULY 23 with Mutant Man and the Sour Patch Men.