Venue Listing Membership

If you are a venue in or around Red Deer that hosts various events throughout the year, you should consider a Red Deer Scene listing membership. Only $20 per month or save with an annual membership for $175/year, get all your events listed in the text section of the Red Deer Scene. This is included on the website, facebook and print versions.

Ad Rates & Sizes

We are happy to offer the Red Deer Scene in full color in print and online. Ad files can be sent via email as a .pdf or 300 dpi .jpg.  Here are the rates and dimensions for each ad size for 2024.

Description Ad Size Rate
Back Cover Colour 8.00″ by 10.125″ $350 + GST
Full Page Colour 8.00″ by 10.125″ $275 + GST
1/2 Page Colour 8.00″ by 5.00″ $160 + GST
1/4 Page Colour 3.917″ by 5.00″ $85 + GST
1/8 Page colour 3.917″ by 2.417″ $45 + GST

Ad Deadlines

Deadlines keep the Scene running smoothly. Please submit your events and ad requests as soon as you can. Final artwork and revisions are last full week of the previous month to be included in the next issue of the Red Deer Scene.


At the beginning of each month, the Red Deer Scene is first published online. At the same time, it is sent into print production to be delivered before the first Friday of each month. Then, 1,200 hard copies are hand delivered to over 100 supporting businesses in the city. You’ve likely SCENE them around town in  our custom made vinyl record holders! We have a 90% retention rate after picking up around 100 Scenes each month. Grab your physical copy while you can!


Need Ad Design Help?

If you do not have an ad file ready to go, no problem! We can offer our custom ad/poster design services at a rate of $65 per hour. Please provide as much info and any images you want to use when you inquire to speed up the design discovery process.

Here are a list of things you should include when submitting an ad design inquiry.

  • Business Logo
  • Brand Images
  • Clear Message
  • Contact Info

We would be happy to discuss any questions you may have about your graphic design needs.