Kayla Williams – Isolationspiration

Kayla Williams’ 2020 single, “Stealing from My Youth,” was conceived in isolation and recorded mostly remotely. It’s a widely relatable performance that’s catchiness will undoubtedly outlive the pandemic that inspired it.

Glassy keys soak the intro; a raining day staring out the window, watching clouds refuse to break apart. Maybe it’d be best to hibernate through the dullness, hoping there will be something to act on once you wake? Kayla’s light back and forth with herself evokes the dissonance of grappling with the things you want to do, things you are able to do, the things you really should do. How do you spend a day’s energy when life’s “on hold”?

Silvery synth-strings and golden bursts of trumpet break through the clouds of isolation. The golden oldie sunshine, with its stuttering, strutting guitar, add a full contrast to the message. There is still lightness to be had, despite the constant presence and weight of the pandemic.

Kayla’s vocals are bursting with expression, allowing the pressure to spill out in relief from months without music. She rides this high through an incredibly infectious bridge, climbing high onto the waves of the pandemic and settles into calmer seas.

Like any hard time worth going through, Kayla’s troubled waters have translated into thousands of streams online. You can listen to this song anywhere, but to catch Kayla performing this song in its natural element (solo), she plays the Velvet Olive, FRI NOV 20

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