Emily Vay – Small City Girl with a Big Voice

Emily Vay is a diamond in the rough, nestled right in the city of Red Deer. Growing up with roots in choir and opera, Emily excels with her soul gripping vocals. Raised in a home filled with her mother’s harmonies and her father’s homemade stereo speakers, Emily’s creative endeavors came naturally. Breaking out of the fitted box a career in opera would have offered, she chose to turn down promising scholarships, and instead explore a sound that spoke truer to her. With volumes of commanding layers to her voice, she’s easily comparable to the vocal styles of Florence + The Machine, Vérité, and Birdy.

January saw the release of her first single “Dollhouse”. In it, Emily created an emblematic reflection on the battle of addiction. Bearing witness to the trials of someone dear, it’s a poetic stroll through a dreamy melody, with lyrics that evoke emotion. The title sparks a recurring metaphor that visualizes the struggles that are all so familiar. Her second single, July’s “Time Travellers”, is a crescendo of sultry vocals, paired with soft guitar strums. They seemingly speak of a nostalgic journey and sound advice. The kind of song you want to listen to relaxing on a Sunday afternoon. Her latest release, “Shades of Blue”, is a beautifully dressed sentiment, brimming with heartache and a pleasing medley of sounds.

When asked about her inspirations, Emily was quick to give gratitude to her long time vocal teacher, Sharon Braun, and her strong family support. While also adding diverse artist influences including Billie Eilish and Marilyn Manson. This last year has brought Emily great success amongst the necessary struggles of being an artist. Working with producers, Damian La Grange and Ryan Kuly, Emily has found her creative experience to be humbling and educational. Over the winter months, Emily will be prioritizing her creative process while keeping a delicate balance with her everyday life.

Through the midst of all the change and hustle of life, she holds a vibrant smile and a charismatic nature. She relays her excitement to continue, to create an avenue to be grow and be heard. With over 50k listens on Spotify alone and her undying focus being to produce authentic music, Emily Vay is sure to carve a name for herself. 

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