Gavin Peterson – Portrait of the Artist


Gavin Peterson is a local artist and RDC alumnus working almost exclusively in portraiture. He is highly technical in the method and conception of his art, noting an affinity for drawing the forms and volumes of a face. Gavin finds his source material through friends and old foreign films, mining backgrounds for extras with depth in their expression. Combined, the period of the film and the technique of portraiture create a convincingly aged quality to his work.

Depending on the level of detail and realism he strives for, the length of time Gavin spends on each piece ranges from one to twelve hours. In his brief pieces, highly detailed expressions are contained within almost impressionist turns, leaving the impression of a momentary existence, as if the subject fades in and out of history. His portraits are interpersonal interactions with an intimacy and intensity akin to staring at a stranger from a distance. Thankfully, they let the viewer study and contemplate the expression without the subject getting freaked out.

His exhibition contains works produced within the last year. It showcases a young artist with bounds of skill and potential, learning to extend himself, work faster, and consolidate happy accidents into method.


Gavin is A+ Art Gallery’s featured artist for August, his exhibition opens Friday Aug 3rd, 4-6pm. Follow him on Instagram @usufruct39 for new pieces as they are finished.

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    Gavin Peterson – Portrait of the Artist – Red Deer Scene