Zachary Landry – What Letters Are In A Name?

Getting his start on the local comedy circuit in 2016, Zachary (not Zack) has been cutting his teeth — as all Red Deer comics do — at the bowling alley. He cites the natural conditioning of competing with strikes and gutter balls as a source of the strength of Red Deer’s burgeoning comedy scene.
You may see him around town with his notepad, fine tuning a barrage of humour, usually targeting and deconstructing the latest source of mundane, human indecency that’s crossed his path. Like some kind of hilarious spider, he’ll weave a web out of our self-seriousness and good heartedly prod the ego with just the slightest venom. Watch his natural humour and affable stage presence shine when Zachary drops the set list and draws out comedy from within his audience. He could pull humour out of a hostage situation. Expect to find yourself more of a participant than you anticipated, but don’t worry, he’s noted it’s especially hard to get turned into a joke. Just don’t spell his name wrong.


On Saturday, June 16th, Zachary Landry will host the Penholder Tavern‘s fifth comedy night, featuring Bradley Layden and headliner, Simon King. He is also known to take the stage Sundays at Heritage Lanes and some other open mic nights around town.

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