One-on-One with Ten02

These young musicians may not be able to drink south of the border, but they are definitely making waves in the Central Alberta bar music scene and beyond. 

TEN02, lead by Elijah Chauvet (lead guitar), is comprised of Emma Baker (vocals, keyboard), Kaiden Schauer (guitar), Preston Depaz (bass) and Josh Chandler (drums). The group is currently building a solid reputation through a variety of cover songs, working their way up to a debut album, said to be out later this year. 

“It was really hard for us to get out here before 2018 because that’s when four of us turned 18,” said Chauvet. “This is really the first time that we could get ourselves booked in bars and other places. It’s really opened up a ton of opportunities in the past few months.”

The group considers their first headlining event to be a show played in September 2018, their first gig with Baker and Depaz. Since that time, TEN02 has already gained traction, winning a Lions Talent Contest in Rocky Mountain House and even getting to play a set for the 2019 Canada Winter Games in February. 

“It was really, really fun. The stage was so great, and the sound technician really helped us out. We had all of our friends and family out, and there was actually a really good-sized crowd out with them,” Chauvet said. 

“It was so cold, but it was awesome,” he added with a laugh. 

Baker added that it was a truly different experience because the regular shows they play are in smaller venues, where the band manages their own sound and stage formation and usually plays in a corner of a small room. She said they still enjoy those more intimate shows, but that the open stage was “surreal and amazing”. 

The group has played in local venues such as the Velvet Olive, the Krossing, the Open Range Saloon in Sylvan Lake and numerous private events and charity functions. They credit their early success to their energy and wide variety of covers and influences, from Red Hot Chili Peppers to Elvis Presley to Chris Stapleton and everything in between. 

“I think every time we’ve played a new place, we’ve always been re-booked. We keep getting asked to come back. For private shows, we’ve had people ask us when they can get us back because we make a connection and when they finally hear us, they go, “Wow. You guys are so much fun and have great energy.” It’s been really nice to feel that everywhere we’ve played, they want us back,” Chauvet said. 

The band says they are hoping to release singles later this year on all major streaming platforms. For now, follow them on Facebook @TEN02 Music.

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